Boulder County Estate Files

Abstracted from files in the Colorado State Archives, 313 Sherman Street, Denver, CO 80203.

[Lois Wescott, abstractor], "Boulder County Estate Files, 1860's and 1870's (Cont.)", Boulder Genealogical Society Quarterly 18 (November 1986): 167.

Files 116, 117, 118. McFarland, Robert killed by Indians at Sand Cr, Cheyenne Co. CO. Dau: Addie (Adelia or Adaline.) Robert Moore appt gdn 22 Nov 1867; replaced by Mrs. Robert Moore 7 Feb 1869.

[Lois Wescott, abstractor], "Boulder County Estate Files, 1880's (Cont.)", Boulder Genealogical Society Quarterly 19 (May 1987): 53.

File 693. Moore, Robert A. died Boulder 7 Mar 1886. Admx, wife: Mary C. Bond $6000. Ch: Adella Moore Webb (m Wm Webb 14 June 1883.) House, lot in Widner's S. addition. 5 other lots.

[Lois Wescott, abstractor], "Boulder County Estate Files, 1890-1904 (Cont.)", Boulder Genealogical Society Quarterly 21 (February 1989): 10.

File 713. Moore, Mary C. died Boulder 15 Jan 1893. Will dated 13 Sep 1886, pr[oved] 20 Sep 1895. Chas. M. Campbell attested to will. Admr CTZ: John H. Nicholson. Admr de bonis non: James C. Hanking, Oscar E. Jackson. Estate settled 1906. Confusing estate, partly because of the 20-yr gap btwn will and settlement. Hus Robert A. d. 7 Mar 1886. Ch: Mary Adella Webb, adopted. Court ruled adoption not legal. Houses on Pine and Walnut Sts, $300 cash, $1800 notes and accts. Oak bdrm suite, cane seats, oil paintings, ceramics, hanging lamps. Heirs: niece Caroline J. Camplin $250; estate of bro John Jackson $100; estate of bro Robert Jackson $100; niece Mary Alice Wolff $100. Sis-in-law Eliz Carmean $100; niece Clara Wolff $50; Nephew Oscar Jackson $50, ward Walter Jackson $100. Listed in will: Robert Jackson; Eliz. Steele; Albert E. Cutter, son of dec'd sis; John Jackson; Caroline J. Champlin; John and Robert Jackson; Eliz Carmean; Mary Alice Wolff; Walter Jackson; Clara Ellen Wolff.

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