Mary Adelia McFarland-Moore - Deaf Student, 1874

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Born 6 May 1861, Colorado; daughter of Robert McFarland and Loana Howe 1870 Census;
1880 Report ("Complete");
1880 Report ("Last year");
1885 Census;
1900 Census;
Fay Questionnaire
Father died 29 November 1864, Sand Creek, Colorado 1868 Statute;
Probate abstract;
McRoberts, Marriages
Guardian appointed 22 November 1867, Robert Moore appointed guardian. 7 February 1869, Mrs. Robert Moore appointed. Probate abstract
Relief legislation 10 January 1868, Colorado Territory Legislative Assembly; $300 for support, maintenance and education of Mary Adeline McFarland; Hon. Henry L. Pearson appointed guardian of funds 1868 Statute
Adoption, name change 11 February 1870, Colorado Territory Legislative Assembly; Mary Adella McFarland to be known as Mary Adella Moore; currently residing with Robert A. Moore, Valmont, Boulder Co.; "to inherit the interest, real and personal, of the said Robert A. Moore, in the same manner as if she were the daughter and natural heir of the said Robert A. Moore." 1870 Statute;
Census 1870, Boulder Valley Dist. (P.O. Valmont), Boulder Co.
Robert Moore (44); Mary C. (40); Adelle (9) 
1870 Census
Entered school 8 April 1874; family residence, Valmont, Boulder Co. 1874 Report
Student 1875; family residence, Valmont, Boulder Co. 1875 Report
Student 1876; family residence, Valmont, Boulder Co. 1876 Report
Student 1880 1880 Report ("Last Year")
Married 14 June 1883, at her parents' house in Boulder, Colo.; to William Webb "of La Porte, Colo." Boulder Co. Marr;
McRoberts, Marriages;
Probate abstract;
Fay Questionnaire;
Adoptive father died 7 or 8 March 1886, father Robert A. Moore died McRoberts, Deaths
Probate abstract
Child born about 1886, son Robert born 1900 Census
Child born about 1889, daughter Grace born 1900 Census
Child born 1 July 1891, daughter Viola born 1900 Census;
McRoberts, Marriages
Adoptive mother died 15 Jan 1893, mother Mary C. Moore died McRoberts, Deaths
Probate abstract
Census 1900, Boulder, Boulder Co. 1900 Census
Estate settled 1906, adoptive mother's estate settled; Adella Webb not mentioned in will; adoption ruled not legal. Probate abstract
Census 1910, Boulder, Boulder Co. McRoberts, 1910

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