Military Records, Colorado

Grave Registration Card of William Webb, Military Affairs, National Guard, Grave Registrations, 1862-1949, Vol. 14, Gilpin County. Colorado State Archives.
Name: Webb, Wm.
County Buried In: Gilpin
City or Town Nearest: Central City
Cemetery: City
Type of Grave Marker: Private
Information On Marker: Captain
Grave Location: 375 feet E. of #1
Cemetery Data Recorded: April 1940
Date of Death: Oct. 11, 1882
Date of Birth: July 20, 1822
Date of Enlistment: Aug. 25, 1862
Date of Last Discharge: June 12, 1865
Rank: Captain
Branch of Service: Army X
Company Outfit or Ship: Co. C. N. Y. Infantry [sic]
War Record: Civil War

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