1885 Census, Larimer County

1885 Census, Larimer Co., Colo., population schedule, enumeration district 3, page 34, dwelling 311, families 326-328.
1 June 1885.

Family #326
Webb, Grace, W[hite], F[emale], 52, [widowed], Runs farm,
             [England - birth place], England [father's birth
             place], England [mother's birth place]
 --   Jas, W, M[ale], 19, Son, [Single], Works on farm,
             [Blind - sic], [Attended school], Colo, [England],

Family #327
Johns, Jas, W, M, 32, [Married], Works on farm, England, England,
 --    Elizabeth, W, F, 12, Wife, [Married], Domestic, Mich,
            [England], [England]
 --    Wm, W, M, 5, Son, [Single], Colo, [England], Mich.
 --    Jno, W, M, 3, [Son], [Single], [Colo], [England], [Mich.]

Family #328
Webb, William, W, M, 26, [Married], Works on farm, [Deaf and
               dumb], Mich., [England], England
 --   Della, W, F, 26, Wife, [Married], Keeps house, [Deaf and
               dumb], Colo., Colo., Colo.

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