Boulder County Deaths, Insane ...

Mary McRoberts, Boulder County, Colorado, Deaths and the Insane, 1859-1900, Newspaper Abstracts (Boulder, CO: privately printed, July 1991).

Selected Moore Entries:

p. 217
Moore, Mary C. d 15 Jan 1893 Boulder of pneumonia. Age 76. "Aged & respected citizen." One of the pioneers. Crossed the plains with her husband in 1860. Active in church and charity work and zealous in the cause of temperance. Funeral at Presbyterian Church 17 Jan. (BN 19 Jan 1893:4; HW 18 Jan 1893:4 has d Mon which was 16 Jan) Adella Webb, who was treated as adopted dau of Mary, is suing estate for inheritance. It was not shown to the court that she was legally adopted and the court held she is not entitled to a share in estate. (BN 29 June 1893:4; see Estate Files) 

p. 217
Moore, Robert A. d 8 Mar 1886 at home in Widner's addition in Boulder. Old timer who for years has been a sufferer of epilepsy. Age 57. Born Ireland. Wife went to church and when she returned she found him dead. Hus of Mary C. Moore. (HW 10 Mar 1886:1; see Estate Files)

Selected Webb and related entries:

p. 172
Kemper, Grace d 27 July 1896 of cancer of the stomach at home in Ft. Collins. Formerly Mrs. Grace Webb of Boulder. She married Mr. Kemper last February. He is a well to do farmer of Ft. Collins. Mother of Willie & James Webb, deaf mutes. (BN 28 July 1896:4; HW 29 July 1896:8) Grace Kemper has not died but is very ill and not expected to recover. (BN 13 Aug 1896:4)


BN = Boulder News, weekly, 12 June 1888-Nov 1914, published on Tues through 25 Sept 1888 and then on Thursday beginning 4 Oct 1888

HW = Boulder County Herald Weekly, published 18 Feb 1880-11 Feb 1914

Estate Files = Lois Wescott, Boulder County, Colorado, Estate Files, 1860-1910

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